Our Powerful online Quizzes were initially developed to facilitate rapid learning for students and customers. They are can now either be deployed against courses, with results recorded against student records. Or deployed independently on any website as a lead generation tool,.

When deployed as a lead generator on your OnFire Coaching website then every lead generated can optionally be recorded in your database with the outcomes for use in marketing, to retain the student data as part of their profile and follow up with an automated campaign in Mailchimp (or similar tool).

When deployed on your own website you will receive an email with the details and will be able to view the data for 30 days using your onFire Quiz Manager.

Our Quiz management software includes the following key features:

    • Rapid deployment of Quizzes with multi choice answers
    • Automated scoring of Quizzes OR
    • Automated matching of quiz score to content (such as a personality profile)
    • Variant Question Testing
    • Automated Answer Randomisation
    • Capture of result or full answer data
    • Capture of Student Data
    • Integration with Google Analytics
    • Option to deploy in your existing Website
    • Management of multiple Quizzes
    • Option to send data to Mailchimp
    • Option to interface to Google Analytics

Whether used in a learning or a lead generation environment the quiz tool is designed to be easy to set up, easy to use and includes powerful tools to enable you to report on what variants/versions of the quiz result in the most positive outcomes for your students and your business.