Induction Training

Most employees, new sports team members or contractors who are working on or in your team or premises need to start with learning key skills and knowledge needed to do their role. Such as:

– Understanding your overall training/coaching process
– Learning new knowledge on your organisation, values and culture
– Acquiring the skills to do their job in best way
– Navigating your premises and people

Sometimes its useful to follow all or some of the ‘tell -> test -> do” process. Tell -> to provide the information to a person in the format they need. Test ->  immediately test and ensure that they have absorbed the knowledge (or to repeat or compliment the learning video/material to assist them). And ‘do’ -> the option to schedule further questions or exercises and drills that relate to the knowledge learned so you can test and monitor their improvement in knowledge retention and performance over time, ideally providing them feedback on their outcomes and proactively offering assistance if they struggle.

The OnFire Software can be used to manage all of this online and in a very efficient way, including:

– Simple upload and viewing of course videos and learning material
– Logging the persons training with dates and user details
– Quiz to test the users immediate understanding and retention of content
– Option for drills and exercises, or scheduled ‘rapid fire questions’ to ensure the knowledge gained is retained by the user
– Option to personalise courses with exercises/drills specific to a role users or requirements
– Reports with full history by user for compliance and other purposes.
– Inbuilt messaging for assisting the user

The system is extremely simple to use, cloud based so can be accessed from anywhere.